Terms & Conditions


 Fees assessed according to:

 the importance of the project

  • the skill, specialist knowledge or responsibility involved
  • special circumstances (i.e. need for urgent action)
  • novelty of the matter raised 

Our fees will be confirmed in writing at the outset of the new instruction.  During the course of the instruction where the amount of work likely to be incurred is uncertain due to unforeseen circumstances, we will notify you in writing of any changes to our fees.

Unless otherwise stated, all post submission work (e.g. attendance of meetings, modifications to plans) will be subject to an hourly charge according to Grade as shown below.

Grade                                                                                              Standard Rate/Hour

Principal Planner                                                                                    £130.00

Conservation Planner                                                                              £95.00

Architect/Designer                                                                                  £75.00                         

Survey Assistant                                                                                     £30.00

All fee invoices will be subject to VAT will be applied at the standard rate.

Travel Costs – no mileage costs will be recovered but travel time will be charged according to the above staff grades.

External Fees – On some projects it may be necessary to seek advice from specialists not employed by the company, i.e. structural surveyor, archaeologist, etc.  We will obtain your agreement to commission such advice and you will be responsible for all costs so incurred. 

Billing Frequency – Normally rendered following the completion of a discreet phase of work (e.g. submission/determination of application/appeal).  For ongoing instructions, invoices would be rendered at intervals of not less than three months.

Payment Terms – Invoices are payable within 21 days of presentation.  If settlement is delayed for an unreasonable period, we reserve the right to charge an additional fee of 1.5% per month including VAT (calculated from the date of the invoice).

New Instructions – The practice will continue to act for Clients unless otherwise instructed.  Exceptionally, however, the Company may terminate instructions where:

  • a conflict of interest arises
  • any fees previously agreed are unpaid

If instructions are terminated by either party, Clients will only be liable for fees to date of termination.

Retaining Client Files – We will retain papers and drawings for six years.  Thereafter we may dispose of your records confidentially without further notice of destruction.  You may request a complete copy of your Client File, without charge or for your file to be retained in the event of potential future instruction.