Appeals and Inquiries

Whilst it is always hoped that a successful outcome can be made following the normal planning application procedure and sometimes with further negotiation with the Planning Officers it is inevitable that sometimes the outcome is not as desired.

We can advise upon the likelihood of success at appeal and the choice of appeal procedure having regard to the nature of the project, timescale and fees involved.

Different appeal procedures include:

  • Written Representations
  • Hearing
  • Inquiry

We will provide submission of written evidence and offer our services as expert witness and advocacy at Hearings and Inquiries.

If an appeal is unsuccessful, we will advise upon a future strategy which addresses the issues raised in the appeal decision letter. We will also advise on whether a challenge to the High Court is appropriate.

We have direct professional access to the Bar and have established links with planning lawyers for advocacy work.

We handle on average 10 appeals per annum.

We will provide and view evidence on the submission of applications for costs at appeal.