Building Regulations Applications

After securing planning permission new buildings - and in most cases for extension and alterations - an application will have to be made for Building Regulations Approval to ensure that the works comply with the regulations. 

We are able to advise if Building Regulations Approval apply to your project and in the event that they do we are able to work up full working drawings for submission to the local authority or private building inspector.

There are two options that can be used for this purpose - Full Plans Submission or Building Notice and we will help you decide which is the better option for your needs.

We are fully compliant with the most up to date Building Regulations Guidance Approved Documents which include:

  • Part A - Structural Stability
  • Part B - Fire Precautions
  • Part C - The Prevention of Dampness
  • Part D - Toxic Substances
  • Part E - Sound Resistance of Walls and Floors between Dwellings
  • Part F - Ventilation of Habitable Rooms and Unheated Voids
  • Part G - Hygeine
  • Part H - Drainge and Waste Disposal
  • Part J - Heating Appliances
  • Part K - Stairways
  • Part L - Conversion of Fuel and Power
  • Part M - Access to Buildings and Facilities for Disabled People
  • Part N - The Safe Positioning  of Glazing in Windows and Doors
  • Part P - Electrical Safety