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Low Carbon Design & Passivhaus Homes


With the Future Homes Standard due in 2025, low carbon and net-zero housing is becoming the norm. Salmon Planning can assess the energy performance of your scheme to ensure it meets local planning and building regulations requirements. We are certified passivhaus designers, able to deliver high quality, healthy, low energy homes.

SAP Energy Assessments & EPCs


Our team analyse the energy performance of your residential scheme during the design stage to show predicted energy use, costs and carbon emmisions. We are qualified to produce the SAP and EPC reports required for new housing. 

Net Zero & Future Homes Compliance


If your scheme needs to meet local climate and energy policies at the planning stage, our team can advise on how best to acheive this. 

Passivhaus Design

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We have the expertise to design dwellings to meet the global gold standard of energy efficiency. Passivhaus homes are well insulated, well ventilated, comfortable and healthy to live in. 

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Planning Consulting Services

Get in touch to speak with one of our highly experienced in-house team of Chartered Planning Consultants

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