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We're Expanding - Exeter Office Now Open

As a result of growing demand from clients in Devon and Cornwall, we are excited to

announce that we now have offices in the heart of Exeter at Broadwalk House in


Responding to the recent growth in enquiries from clients across the Southwest, our focus on planning-led design ensures your planning needs are met by experienced chartered planning specialists who prepare well-considered planning applications, coupled with high-quality designs from our architecture team. Visit for initial advice on the feasibility of development or the submission of a planning application or appeal.

In the words of one senior Somerset Planning Officer:

"Applications from Salmon Planning are a joy to receive. The proposals are always well presented and argued. At a time when planning officers are completely bogged down with cases, we wish every proposal we received was of the same calibre as those presented by Salmon Planning”.

If you are in Exeter, call us to arrange a meeting to discuss your project. We will give

you an objective opinion on its viability and available options.

You can contact us at:

Salmon Planning Company

Broadwalk House

Southernhay West



Tel: 01752 425907


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